And The Oscar Goes To…

While we love the all the buzz around who is getting what award and what movie was best, we love nothing more than checking out the celebs all dolled up.  The dresses, makeup, and of course, our personal fave, the hair!

This year almost everyone wow’ed on the red carpet but just like winning the golden man, not everyone can win a spot on our list.  Limiting down wasn’t easy, so we are giving credit where credit is due, to the mama’s-to-be, the dapper gents, and the lovely ladies.

The Ladies:

Maria Menounus claims our #1 spot for the ladies, look at her! This is perfection. We totally fell in love with her romantic, Grecian look and the white’s and neutrals this year is where it’s at.  Not only with the dresses, but makeup, too! Her subtle smoky eye is impeccably done and the nude lip speaks to the fact that she truly is a natural beauty.  And let’s not forget her hair, the gorgeous updo with the loose curls and braids keeps with her theme and the middle part seals the deal.  She is a perfect example of less is more and that’s why she is our number 1!


Onto our next lady in white, Kate Hudson.  The mother of two looked stunning in her low neckline, sparkling white gown.  She looked completely polished from head to toe, nailing every aspect of this look.  Again, the smoky eye stands out in a sea of natural shimmer and with simple curls and a deep side part, the hair is perfect without distracting you from her gorgeous dress and removable, structured cape.


The Expectants:

Kerry Washington. I mean we don’t need to say much about this one, her beauty and pregnancy glow speaks for itself.  The half up, teased curls and dark lips are phenom. Even though the rain soaked red carpet got her dress a little wet she still managed to hold it together and be nothing but perfection the whole night.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Everything Olivia Wilde has done and dressed in while being pregnant has been flawless.  Her style is amazing and when she gets all dolled up, she completely owns the look.  With the high neck and updo, she maintains a classy, timeless look with dark liner and light lips.  Her side part and loose curls make for a modern day updo.[1]

The Gents:

Who doesn’t love a man in a tux especially when they look like Hollywood’s finest.  We are loving that the men are rocking the polished, styled hair just like the ladies. From Jared Leto’s insanely perfect ombre to Brad’s slicked back look, we love it all!

Bradley can rock long, flowing locks or this cleaned up look with scruffy beard and no matter what he looks extremely handsome.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt always has the dapper, sleek look and we must say that we will never get bored with it! Michael Fassbender won for the night and won our hearts with his short, styled hair and who doesn’t love a man with an accent!


We all remember him from “My So-Called Life,” but my, oh my, are we loving him even more these days! With the long locks and those baby blues, he hasn’t aged one bit and for that he wins an Oscar from Nicole Marie Salon.


Speaking of age, Brad Pitt’s movie rolls have changed as much as his hair and he is now embracing our favorite hair cut for men, the simple hair cut that can transition from an everyday look to the red carpet.  More and more guys are looking for this edgy, yet polished and we are loving it.


That’s a wrap for this years Oscar faves, tell us what you think and who you thought had the best overall look, hair or makeup! And follow the blog for tips and tutorials on the latest how-to’s and trends from Nicole Marie Salon!

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