We got a “new” favorite kind of hair in town and it is a blast from the past…it’s Disco Hair!  Bigger, better and straight out of a party, disco hair is just as fabulous as it sounds.

We are bringing strobe lights and boogie nights to the millenials born from it all! Disco balls and mirrored walls…we are ready to funk up 2015!

These crazy curls are amazing! They can be brushed out for a larger, more wild look or leave them be for a tight and tamed down version of the look.

It can be paired with many different outfits, accessories and styles.  You can keep it light and just let the hair speak for itself or go all out and embrace the disco style!

Bring the disco hair back with all of the 70’s! Crop tops, sequins galore, flared jeans, wedges and jumpsuits! We love it matched with a more casual outfit, the high waisted flare jeans and a crop top or tank. We also love it jazzed up with a jumpsuit, lots and lots of metalic jewelry, and sequined headbands.

The makeup can also complete this look.  If you are going more casual with your outfit and accessories, you can keep the make up simple with neutrals and maybe a pink lip.  If your getting ready to go out on the town, a smoky eye or dramatic lip will kick it up a notch!

This hair is fantastic for any event whether it be a night out on the town, wedding or any other evening you want an awesome, statement look!

Disco hair is fabulous, fancy, fun and we are obsessed! Let’s check out the look and let the pictures speak for themselves! And call us to book your disco hair today!!

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