FALLing for Fall Accessories

FALLing for Fall Accessories

Nothing tops perfectly styled hair better than an accessory.  We always think more is more over here at Nicole Marie Salon so why not add a finishing touch.  While fall clothes are pretty awesome; hats, scarves, headbands, and jewels are a great addition to your sweater and booties.  Adding to your outfit with accessories doesn’t take a lot of time either, you can throw on a hat or scarf as you walk out the door!

We also want to note that since the Fall season has such a laid back style, the hair does not have to be sleek or very neat.  So lets get to it! Here is our fave styles:

#1 on our list is the easiest and is so versatile! Definitely our favorite look with so many options, the braid with a hat.  There really is not much to it, you pick the braid or braids and throw on a hat.  Pigtails, side , fishtails, french, dutch … the possibilities are endless! Let the pictures speak for themselves and you, too, will be sold on the look.

As huge fans of braids, we want to make sure to point out that any braids look great with sweaters or jackets!

While we love the regular hat look, we also are loving the casual beanie.  It can be prefect for a night out or just for running errands.  And unlike most accessories, it serves a dual purpose.  While polishing off your look, it also keeps you warm! You can wear them with almost any hair style: straight, curled, braids, etc.

Last but definitely not least, a staple fall accessory we could never leave out…scarves! Really any hairstyle goes with a scarf.  There are so many different kinds of scarves, any shape, size, or color goes.  The look for hair with scarves is simple.  How ever you want it.  You can go messy or dressy.  Match your hair style to your scarf style.  Let’s take a look…

The ladies in these pics even paired the hat look with the scarf which we love, layer it up!

Whatever your Fall go to is, we probably love it because we love Fall.  Well at Nicole Marie Salon, we love pairing anything with a great hair style! Let us know what your favorite look is and call today to make an appointment for your Fall hair!

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