Pumping It Up With Ponys

Pumping It Up With Ponys

At Nicole Marie Salon, we love anything that you can transition from office looks to weekend do’s.  The ponytail is a staple hair style that can work for any event, whether it be a day at work or a night at play.  Here are some of the pony’s we are loving that are quick, easy and give you a great look!

There is no place that is too low key or too fancy for a sleek ponytail.  It can look classy or sexy depending on how you dress it up with your accessories and makeup.  Simple to do and easy to maintain, sleek ponys are the bees knees.



The fishtailed pony is a funky way to take your pony to another level. It can work as a high or low pony and with the proper accessories it can dress up any basic outfit.  It is a sassy ponytail and is great for a Saturday night out or a wedding.



Another way to jazz up your pony is to pony it! Put your hair all up and use small rubberbands to bunch together pieces of your pony until you get to the bottom.  This is a look all the long haired ladies should try out.  We love this new take on pony’s, its fierce and fun and ready for a night out on the town.


This teased and messy low pony is great for everyday.  It is a great way of styling your hair without putting too much time or effort into it.  It can work with short or long hair and is a untamed version of your traditional pony.  This a great look if you won’t have time to touch up during the day because the fly aways complete the messy look. Take a strand from the pony and wrap it around your rubberband with a bobby to complete the look!



If you feeling like you are bored with your pony but don’t want to do anything crazy, try accessorizing it! There are many different hair ties or clips that you can put in a plain pony to add a little pizazz.  Hair accessories are a great way to add something fun in your hair without actually having to style or do much to it.  The options are endless, so pick anything and have fun with it!



The options with pony’s are endless and we are loving them all! Stop in for a tutorial or a style and we will get you to ride the pony train with us!



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