Rose Goldie Locks

Rose Goldie Locks

With every new season, there is a new color.  And since bright colors are in bloom there is no reason you shouldn’t brighten up your hair, too!  We are not talking just your standard colors either, we have found a new summer love, rose gold hair!

If you can wear it on your wrist and in your ears, why not in your hair, too?! We know that rose gold jewelry and accessories are all over the place, so take it step further and rock it in your hair!


This semi-permanent gloss can be used so many different ways so no one should be afraid to try it.  This romantic look is flirty and fun and gives a girly, playful vibe to any color of hair.  The peachy, pink and gold hues add dimension to hair and can be worn as an all over color or added to any ombre.  At Nicole Marie Salon, we think the rose gold hair adds a perfect touch to sun-kissed skin.

The brunettes can pull it off just as easily as the blondes, Rumer Willis has taken the color and turned it into a soft, rose gold ombre.  Although she has used different hues throughout her hair, it compliments her skin and she nails it with the side swept waves.



Sienna Miller takes more peach and pink tones to her waves while keeping her signature boho look.  She holds onto some of her natural blonde but lets the rose gold tones give her a fun and different look than her usual blonde.


Rachel McAdams has never been afraid to try something new with her hair.  We have seen her anywhere from pinks and reds to blonde and brunette.  Although, just like her, this color is beautiful and she really owns it.  It goes great with her gorgeous skin and shows how being daring can pay off! Look-Back-Pictures-Rachel-McAdams-Hair

At Nicole Marie Salon, we love looks of all colors and styles.  Rose gold is currently our favorite and the way these celebs look with the different hues and colors makes us love it even more.  Feeling like you need something new for the new season?  Don’t be afraid to try it and just go with the rose gold flow!

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